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Anthony Rosiello

As a lifelong resident of Green Township, I grew up in the White Oak / Monfort Heights area and now reside in the Covedale-Oak Hills area. Living and working in Green Township’s different neighborhoods has given me a unique understanding of the needs and challenges facing the entire township.

 I am married to my wife, Sally, for over 30 years. We have two grown daughters, Gina and Alicia. My work background is in business, management, communications and marketing. My strong interpersonal skills have served me well as an organizer and problem solver.  I serve and have served on numerous charitable and civic boards and committees. I’ll use all of this experience and rapport to meet the many challenges ahead for Green Township.

Our biggest and most immediate challenge is the budget crunch affecting government at all levels, including Green Township. Some tough decisions will have to be made. I am up for this difficult assignment to assess situations and then follow through to completion.  My goal is to maintain the many fine services that make Green Township a great place live and work.

We have a wealth of talent and expertise in Green Township.  I certainly plan to call on many folks and ask them to offer their input and suggestions. While ultimately responsible, elected and appointed officials alone cannot solve all of the problems.

As trustee, my pledge is to maintain the public’s trust by performing my duties openly and honestly I will work hard to grow our community, just as I have done in multiple other organizations. Our future depends on caring, qualified folks who want to give back to their community by serving in public life. I’ll do my very best.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns at

Tony Rosiello
Green Township Trustee

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