Harvest Home Parade Replays

This year Green Township partnered with Waycross Community Media and Spectrum Cable to broadcast the annual Harvest Home Parade.  Recent upgrades to our video systems allow us to bring you this much requested event in more ways than ever before.  As before, we will replay the parade on Green Township Public Access, Spectrum Cable Channel 8, for the next month or so on the following schedule:

Sundays 2pm and 8pm
Mondays 9pm
Tuesdays 12noon and 8pm
Wednesdays 9am
Thursdays 10am and 7pm
Fridays 3pm and 7:30pm
Saturdays 10am and 7pm

But wait!!! There’s more! Why wait until it comes on TV? We have now made the parade available on our Video-On-Demand system.  Just go to http://tv.greentwp.org. You can watch it anytime.  If you or the kids were in the parade, you can even tell out of town relatives how to see your moment of glory by sending them to the Video-On-Demand system.