Citizen Involvement

Green Township Fire and EMS has several programs for citizen involvement.

Citizens’ Fire Academy
This program allows participants to experience much of what it is like to be a firefighter or paramedic.  This program covers a wide variety of things that fire and ES crews have to know and what they do on a daily basis.  This includes fire extinguishment, vehicle rescue, emergency victim care, fire department organization, ladders, ropes, and much more.  After completing this program, graduates will be allowed to ride with crews as an observer.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
This training teaches participants how to assist in the community in the event of a major emergency such as tornado, earthquake, lengthy power outage, etc.

Fire Explorers
This program for young people allows them to gain a basic knowlege of the fire and EMS services.  Many are interested in making it their career.  Some go on to further their education in these fields.  Many are able to join the fire department as part-time employees upon graduating high school and attaining age 18.

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