Fire & EMS Staffing and 9-1-1 Operations

Currently we operate 4 fire stations. They are located and equipped as follows:

Station Location Equipment Staffing
Sylved and Muddy Creek 1 Pumper
1 Paramedic Ambulance
3 Persons (24 hours)
Bridgetown and Eyrich 1 Pumper
1 Paramedic Ambulance
1 Reserve Ambulance
5 Persons (24 hours)
6303 Harrison Avenue
(Headquarters – Office)
1 Paramedic Ambulance
1 Pumper
1 100ft. ladder truck
1 Shift Commander’s Vehicle
1 Reserve Pumper
6 Persons (6a-6p)
5 Persons (6p-6a)
Office Staff – (8-5/M-F)
West Fork and Audro 1 Pumper
1 Paramedic Ambulance
 5 Persons (24 hours)


Staffing is currently accomplished using a combination of full-time and part time employees. There are currently 36 full-time fire fighters and about 50 part-time firefighters including officers. Except for Chief Officers, full-time employees work a 24 hour shift every third day. This is known in the fire service as a 24/48 shift (24hours on, 48 hours off duty). Most part-time employees work a 12 or 24 hour shift based on their availability.

How does a 9-1-1 call work?

When you call 9-1-1 in Green Township, the call is automatically routed to the Hamilton County Communications Center. Within seconds, your location and phone number as well as other data is displayed on the call taker’s computer screen. They will then ask a few questions to determine the type of help you need. After determining what the proper station to notify is, the information is sent to a radio dispatcher who alerts us to the emergency. So far, the elapsed time is usually about one minute. After sending the detail to us, the call taker may elect to gather further information or give the caller instructions on how to handle the situation until professional help arrives. In most cases, we are on the way before you even hang up the phone. It is important to remain on the phone with the 9-1-1 call taker until all necessary information has been gathered and the operator’s instructions are understood. This in NO WAY slows our response! Remember, we are already on the way.

One reminder: 9-1-1 calls received from cellular telephones are treated somewhat differently. Since your exact location is not known to the call taker, it is important for you to know exactly where the emergency is and accurately relay this information to the call taker.

When should I call 9-1-1?

Keep in mind that the 9-1-1 system and public ambulance and fire departments are primarily designed and operated for true emergency and public safety concerns. For this reason, their help should only be sought for true emergencies. It is appropriate to call for emergency assistance any time there is an immediate risk of property damage or risk to human life or well being. The number to call for non-emergency fire or medical inquiries is 574-0474.

Our ambulances are for the care and transport of ill or injured persons when their condition prohibits use of private transportation to their doctor or another medical facility. For this reason, we transport only to hospital emergency rooms. We do not provide transport to doctors offices or for scheduled hospital visits.

Also, to keep our units available for the next person who made need them, we attempt, whenever possible, to transport patients to the closest appropriate medical facility, taking into account their physical condition.

If there is doubt, do not delay calling 9-1-1. Many medical conditions can grow rapidly worse!

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