Long Lay Information

Providing adequate fire protection for an area as geographically diverse as Green Township has its challenges.  This is amplified in areas with few or no fire hydrants.  Our community is a mix of commercial areas, neighborhoods, and even some areas with rural characteristics.  Some of those areas have no fire hydrants, or some buildings are located longer than the standard 300-500 feet from a hydrant providing water that is crucial to firefighting.  This affects everything from firefighting efforts to the cost of insurance on those buildings.

Many fire departments, including Green Township Fire & EMS have developed standardized systems to allow them to pump water long distances from water sources to remote buildings with a system of relays using multiple fire engines.  These areas are known as long lays, because they exceed the distance that can be covered by the hose on one fire engine (typically about 1200 feet in Green Township).  These areas are identified through pre-planning and marked using a set of signs that tell firefighters where to place hoses.

You may see our crews measuring or installing signs in the coming months relating to this project.  A letter was recently sent by Green Township Fire & EMS to owners of properties in affected areas.  To view it, CLICK HERE.

As always, you may contact us about this program, or any other aspect of fire and emergency medical services by calling our offices at (513) 574-0474, or by emailing fire@greentwp.org.

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