Block Watch

As in any community, crime is one of our primary concerns in Green Township. Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective tools that we have at our disposal to insure that our crime rate remains low, and that our community is as safe as possible.

Neighborhood Watch involves citizens working with their local police department, by assisting in the prevention and detection of crime. Residents are trained to recognize suspicious activities and are encouraged to contact the police when something out of the ordinary is observed. Police officers will then promptly respond and determine if criminal activity is occurring.

In Green Township, as everywhere, there are not enough police officers to watch all of the neighborhoods at once. Ordinarily, each police officer is responsible for protecting approximately 10,000 citizens and about five square miles. Alert Neighborhood Watch citizens serve as the eyes and ears of the police department. Since Neighborhood Watch citizens are available 24 hours a day and spread throughout the community, criminals are deterred from committing crimes and are quickly apprehended if they try. In addition to teaching residents how to be better witnesses, Neighborhood Watch members are taught various crime prevention tips.



How to Join Neighborhood Block Watch

Any law-abiding citizen can participate in the Neighborhood Watch Program. If there is already a Neighborhood Watch Program in your area, we will put you in contact with the Neighborhood Watch block leader or captain. If there is no program actively operating in you area, we will provide you with more information about the program and help you set up a meeting of your neighbors.

If you live in Green Township and are interested in Neighborhood Watch, please call our office at (513) 574-0007.


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