Record Requests

How to Obtain a Copy of a Public Record

Auto Accident and Criminal Offense Reports

Copies of reports may be requested at the Green Township Police Department
during regular business hours or by e-mail at

To obtain a copy, you will need to provide the following information
to enable a search for the type of report requested:

  • Name of person involved or reporting
  • Date of occurrence
  • Location of occurrence
  • Type of report (accident or criminal)

Copies of reports may be picked up at the Green Township Police Department,
6303 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio, 45247.

They can also be obtained by mail. Mail your request with an enclosed self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Include the information listed above.  Also provide a contact number in the event there are questions or problems regarding your request.

Many auto accident reports can be downloaded directly from the Ohio Department of Public Safety website.  Note: Private property auto accident reports are not submitted to the state, but can be obtained through the Green Township Police Department.

There is no charge for single reports.  You will be required to pre-pay for larger requests.

Please call us during business hours at (513) 574-0007 for additional information.

Your request is not required to be in writing, nor is it required that your name or the intended use of the requested records be disclosed.  The information requested is solely intended to enhance our ability to respond to your request in a timely and reasonable manner.


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