Stalking Restraining Orders

Police Departments in the State of Ohio do not have the authority to issue restraining orders, or protection orders.

Police will enforce orders issued by the court pursuant Ohio Revised Code Section 2919.27 
(some orders are issued by courts that are not enforceable by police)

In cases of Domestic Violence, and for certain specified offenses, officers may prepare a motion for the court requesting the issuance of Criminal Temporary Protection orders or Criminal Anti-Stalking Protection Orders.

Private citizens may petition the court, on their own behalf, for issuance of a Civil Protection Order. An ex-parte hearing will be scheduled, generally the same day or on the next court day, which you must attend.

A civil protection order, often referred to as a restraining order, may be issued by a civil court based upon a motion filed by you (the Petitioner) which alleges that another person (the Respondent) is abusing, harassing, or stalking you. If the order is granted, the court will order that person to cease the specified behavior, or be punished by the court. You can apply for a protection order at any time, even if criminal charges haven’t been filed against the person harassing you, or you have already obtained a Temporary Protection Order as part of a criminal proceeding.  You may represent yourself, or choose to have a private attorney to represent you.  Protection Orders can last for up to five years.


Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order

If you or a family member are being physically abused or threatened with harm by a family or household member (person living in your home, even if not related to you by marriage or blood) you can apply for a Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order with the Domestic Relations Court.  If you and your abuser have children together, a Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order can also decide issues regarding these children – including custody, visitation, and support.

Hamilton County Domestic Relations Court is at 800 Broadway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45202. Their phone number is 513 946-9000.

Forms and instructions for Domestic Violence Civil Protection Orders


Civil Stalking Protection Order

If you or a family member fear for your safety because you are being threatened with harm, followed, or harassed by a person (relative or stranger), you can apply for a Civil Stalking Protection Order.

Civil Stalking Protection Order hearings are held Monday-Friday at 7:45am.



Petitions can be filed in Room 315
Hamilton County Courthouse
1000 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Directions to the Courthouse

(513) 946-5635 – Issue Desk

Forms and further instructions are available online from the Clerk of Courts.

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