Vacation Checks

If your residence is going to be vacant while you are on vacation, or you have a vacant home or business due to moving or other circumstances, please call the Green Township Police at (513) 574-0007 during business hours to set up checks of the property.

There is no fee for this service.  Police will check the property periodically, and should something unforseen occur your contact information will be available to officers on the scene so that the problem can be promptly addressed.

When calling, please be prepared to provide the following information to our staff:

  • Your name, address, and home phone number.
  • Cellular numbers to reach you while traveling, if applicable.
  • Will you be leaving lights on?  Which?
  • Are they on a timer?  Time On/Time Off?
  • Will you be leaving a key with anyone?
  • Their name, address, and phone numbers, both cellular and home?
  • Will any vehicles be parked in the drive?
  • Their make, model, color, and license plate numbers?
  • When are you leaving?    Returning?
  • Is their anything else you would like our officers to know about the property?
Green Township