Curbside Recycling

Image of Rumpke Recycle BinsRecycling at home is easy and convenient with Rumpke Recycling.

Rumpke Curbside Recycling provides you with a sturdy recycling container and collects your materials weekly in most locations and transports it to a Rumpke Recycling facility located near your home.

Curbside recycling is an important component of recycling at home and “going green,” and Rumpke Recycling continues to provide innovative methods of making this service convenient and user friendly for residents. Recycling not only saves natural resources and energy, but it also demonstrates how our actions can make a difference in the environment. It is important to conserve landfill space for future generations, and Rumpke Recycling has made a commitment to divert reusable materials.

Rumpke Recycling has incorporated single stream recycling technology at its recycling centers in Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio to make it easier for people to recycle. With this innovative program, all recyclable materials can be mixed together in one container. Rumpke Recycling has invested over $5 million in single stream recycling to effectively separate recyclable materials for processing. The processed recyclables are then shipped to end users in carpet, plastic pipe, aluminum can, newsprint, cardboard box and fiberglass insulation manufacturing. The important work you do to recycle materials at home is an investment in our future.

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