Fiscal Officer Straus


Thomas J. Straus
Fiscal Officer

WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO RUN FOR FISCAL OFFICER?  To become more involved in the community.

CURRENT GREEN TOWNSHIP AREAS OF INTEREST: I am interested in safety issues and services for the citizens of Green Township including the development of a good park system.  I am also dedicated in maintaining the conservative policies of the Township.

FUTURE HOPES AND GOALS FOR THE TOWNSHIP: To improve the community by supporting great schools, businesses and residential areas.

Green Township Fiscal Officer (2000-present)
Green Township Land Use Planning Committee (1996-2000)
Green Township Road Levy Committee, Treasurer 1996
Green Township Republican Club
Green Township Republican Party Executive Committee
Green Township Republican Club Board of Directors (2011-current)

Government Finance Officers Association
Ohio Association of Public Treasurers
Ohio Township Association (Executive Committee Member)
Ohio State Bar Association
Cincinnati Bar Association, Bankruptcy and Professionalism Committees
Hamilton County Conservative Forum (1997-1998)
Hamilton County Republican Party:
Central Committee
Executive Committee
Judicial Selection Committee
Township, Cities and Villages Committee
Western Economic Council
Hamilton County Township Association
Sunrise Conservative Forum, Co-Chairman 2000
Monfort Heights-White Oak Community Association
Former S.A.Y. Soccer Coach
St. Ignatius Softball and Basketball Coach
L.A.D.D. (Board of Directors)
Beau Vita Board of Directors

University of Cincinnati, B. BA.
Xavier University, MBA in Finance
Northern Kentucky University, Chase College of Law: J.D.

Green Township