Park Rules & Regulations

Green Township Parks Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations are adopted by the Green Township Board of Trustees pursuant to Sections 511.32 and 755.13 of the Ohio Revised Code, and shall apply to all Green Township Parks.


  1.  Township parks will be open to the general public between the hours of first light to dark. No person shall remain in or use any part of park facilities after closing time unless the Board has granted specific written permission.  Persons reserving any Shelter House located within a park must leave the premises by 9:00 p.m.


  1.  Picnic shelter houses may be reserved through the Township offices. The Board reserves the right to cancel a rental agreement for a picnic shelter for any reason if such action is deemed to be in the best interest of Green Township and notice is provided at least thirty days prior to the reserved date.  The Board may cancel a rental agreement at any time in the event of Acts of God or emergencies.  A full refund of all rental fees will be issued if the Board cancels any rental.


  1.  No person shall drive, propel, or park any motor vehicle, mini bike, motorcycle, or other motorized vehicle on any unpaved portion of the Park. Parking is permitted only in designated parking areas.  Overnight parking is not permitted, except as specifically authorized by the Board.  Any unauthorized vehicle in the park after closing time will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.


  1.  Speed limit shall be 10 MPH on Park roads.


  1.  Unleashed dogs, and other pets are prohibited in the Park. Dogs on a leash are permitted provided the owner assumes responsibility for picking up and disposing of the dog’s excrement. Service dogs only are permitted in West Fork Park.


  1.  No person shall injure, deface, disturb, or befoul any part of the Park nor any building, sign, equipment, or other property found therein; no trees, flowers, shrubs, rock or other minerals  shall be removed, injured or destroyed. No park fixtures or equipment (picnic tables, waste receptacles, etc.) shall be moved to other locations within the park or removed from park property.


  1.  No hunting or molesting of wildlife is permitted within the parks.


  1.  No person shall start a fire in a park, except small fires for cooking purposes in park grills without written permission from the Board. No “bonfires” shall be permitted in the park grills.  All  fires shall be extinguished by the person or persons starting or using the same before leaving the immediate vicinity of the fire.  The Board may, at its discretion, prohibit fires or smoking for  limited periods at any location or for any purpose when necessary for the protection of park property.


  1.  Cans, bottles, and all other waste materials must be placed in trash containers. Persons who have used a shelter house must, before leaving, remove and tie all trash bags.  Bags must be  inside a concrete block trash container if one is located within the park.  Failure to clean up will result in forfeiture of the deposit, as well as an additional charge for clean-up by Township  personnel.  Clean–up must be completed the same day as the event.


  1.  No glass bottles may be brought into a park.


  1.  No hitting of golf balls is permitted.


  1.  No person shall sell or offer for sale any article, thing, privilege or service within the Park without a permit from the Board.


  1.  Alcoholic beverages (including beer in cans and bottles) are prohibited at all times. Nonalcoholic beverages in glass containers are also prohibited.  Within the confines of a Park shelter  house and upon the issuance of a license, beer in cans or kegs is permissible.  Permission granted by the Board of Trustees does not constitute a temporary permit from the Ohio Department  of Liquor Control.  State of Ohio requirements for liquor permits are the responsibility of the individual or organization hosting the event.


  1.  No person shall possess, obtain, or use any controlled substance as defined by RC Section 3719.01 within a park. No person shall sniff, breathe or otherwise use in any way other than the  intended use by the manufacturer, any product containing a harmful intoxicant, as defined by RC Section 2925.01, within a park.


  1.  No person shall, either by word or act, indulge in any noisy, boisterous, disorderly or indecent conduct, or in any manner disturb the peace or good order of the community within a park; no  person shall play at games of chance, or be intoxicated, or do any indecent, lascivious, lewd, or improper act therein.


  1.  No person shall obstruct, resist, or be abusive of or use profanity to a Police Officer or authorized agent of the Township in and during the lawful discharge of his/her duties.


  1.  No person shall remain within the Park who does not abide by conditions adopted and posted by the Township for the preservation of good order and protection of property within the Park.


  1.  No person shall remain within the park who does not abide by the instructions and directions of duly authorized officers or agents of the Township in the lawful performance of their duties.  Any person directed by a Police Officer or agent of the Township to leave the Park shall do so promptly and peaceably.


  1.  Athletic Fields are available to the public except for hours when a permit is issued. If a permit for use of a field is desired, contact the township offices at 574-8832 for information.  Athletic  fields may be closed when conditions warrant, as determined solely by the Public Services Department.


  1.  No child under 12 years old shall be left unattended in any area of the parks.


  1.  Because of the field size, playing of hardball by persons over the age of 12 is prohibited in Bosken Park and Blue Rock Park.


  1.  Violation of any park rule or regulation shall cause the violator to be subject to a fine of not more than $100 for the first offense and $500 for each subsequent offense


  1. Attractions/special equipment at your event (Bouncy houses, tents, dunking tank, pony rides, etc.) are not permitted.


  1. No portion of a park shall be used for the purpose of travel by motorized vehicles except on designated, paved roadways. Paths, walks, and trails established for pedestrian/bicycle travel shall not be used by motor vehicles. This section does not apply to police officers, emergency service workers, and other agents of the Board. For the purpose of this section, a personal assistive mobility device used by a person with disabilities shall not be considered a motor vehicle. Skateboards, roller blades, skates, bicycles are permitted on paths so long as they do not interfere with pedestrian traffic.



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