“Angels of Liberty”

By: Holly Schapker

Holly Schapker Resides and works in Cincinnati, OH. She grew up in Green Township on Wild Cherry Court. Holly graduated Magna Cum Laude from Xavier University’s Art Department. She continued her painting education by studying under Michael Scott for ten years, whose fine art teaching process has a strong focus on painting outdoors. Her work has been the subject of many regional publications, including print, television, and radio. Holly has demonstrated her painting techniques and philosophy all over the nation, and taught Beginning, Advanced, and Thesis Painting at Xavier University for two years.

Artist Statement:

“Twelve years is not nearly enough for the grieving to be complete, for the losses to be forgotten, or the scars to have healed, but these past twelve years have been enough to give me, as an artist, perspective on my painting.

When I painted this work, the Angels and the fire-fighters and other first responders were just emerging from the horrible black cloud of death and debris. The lesson for me of 9-11, and I believe for many of us, is the presence among us of the heroism, generosity, and selflessness of the firefighters and other first responders. These people are our heroes and the events of 9-11, as horrible as they were, have brought these angels among us to greater recognition by all.

If I were to paint this painting today, the dust would be settled, the skies no longer black, and the men of service who saved so many lives that day would be prominent in the foreground.”

Click on the following link to view the painting: Angels of Liberty

Green Township