Green Township Land Use Plan



This plan is limited to an analysis of the spatial pattern of land use in Green Township. The scope of this planning effort is focused on four major corridors in addition to the remainder of the township. The four corridors included in this study are: Bridgetown Road Corridor, North Bend/Cheviot Corridor, Harrison Pike Corridor, and Glenway Avenue Corridor. The 2010 Land Use Plan Update process is based on a comprehensive review of the information contained in these corridor and remainder area plans, which were originally completed between 1987 and 1991.

Although these studies are necessarily interrelated, each plan is organized into separate reports. Each plan includes two components; a Land Use Plan map and the corresponding Land Use Plan text. The plans identify specific areas or sites where the character of land use should be either protected or improved. Recommendations resulting from this analysis identify specific land use categories that are required to maintain or achieve desirable land use characteristics. The overall strategies for implementation of each plan are described in the lan text for the area while specific site recommendations are shown graphically on the plan map.

The focus of this plan is, therefore, primarily on guiding the private development of land. The plan is not intended to provide guidance for the development of public land or provision of public services.
The intent of this study is not to produce a traditional “comprehensive master plan.” Such plans have proven to be largely non-implementable by township and county government due to absence of legislative authority, financial constraints and lack of staff for effectuating most of the recommendations contained in the multiple elements of master plans or comprehensive plans. A more useful approach for unincorporated areas is the recognize the limitations and reality of local township and county government. This approach concentrates on land use goals that can be achieved through improvements in the control of private development through the Hamilton County Zoning Resolution and zoning map.

To view the 2010 Updated Green Township Land Use Map click the following:

The Land Use Planning Committee members during the 2010 update were as follows:

Robert Bigner, Marc Baverman, Jay Chamberlain, Mary Cornelius, James Krause, Bill Myles, Peggy Lopez, Mike Mestemaker, Karl Mohaupt, Steven Leesman, Mike Ricke, Tony Rosiello, Betsy Ryland

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