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November 10, 2014
November 24, 2014
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6303 Harrison Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45247
(513) 574-4848

Public Announcement

Request for Qualifications/Statement of Interest

ODOT Right of Way Appraisal and Negotiation of Acquisition Services

The Green Township Board of Trustees is requesting Qualifications and Statements of Interest for right of way appraisal and negotiation services for the following project:

Project:                    5-Points / Taylor Road Relocated  

Project No.              ODOT # HAM-264-6.90

        PID 88790

Submission Date:    November 6, 2014

                                    (Statements must be received by 3:30 PM on this date)


The Green Township Board Trustees are seeking qualified parties to perform Right of Way appraisal and acquisition Services for the 5-Points Improvement Project ODOT # HAM-264-6.90 project.  The Firm and or Consultant(s) shall be responsible for all appraisal, negotiation and acquisition, title work and/or reports, relocation review and relocation, and closings, associated with the project, including but to limited to, permanent right of way and/or public utility easements and/or temporary construction easements as required and directed. All work under the agreement shall conform to the applicable provisions of the ODOT Right-of-Way appraisal and acquisition  policies. The work to be performed under this project element is further defined in the Scope of Service.  Interested parties are requested to submit two (2) copies of the required information to Mr. Joe Lambing, Green Township Department of Public Services, 6303 Harrison Avenue Cincinnati , OH 45247.

If the firm or consultant(s) have any questions regarding this project or the Scope of Services, please contact Mr. Butch Nanney (513-574-8832) or Mr. Adam Goetzman (513-574-4848) for more information. 

Submittals shall include the following information;

  • Resumes of principle staff  and/or consultants responsible for duties associated with the project.
  • List of similar local projects completed by the firm’s and/or consultant’s personnel  to be assigned to this project.
  • Statement of Qualifications and compliance with Certification(s) required to complete the project in accordance with applicable requirements of the Ohio Department of Transportation.
  • If the firm  consultants  have more than one office, the primary location/office for each key technical personnel to be assigned to this project.  Indicate the type of work to be completed by each office and the percentage of the total project by each office.
  • A statement that the firm and or consultant is able to meet the scheduled indicated in the Scope of Service.
  • Statement that the firm is able and willing to meet the applicable provisions of the “Required Consultant Insurance provision contained in the Scope of Services or the ODOT insurance requirements whichever is greater.
  • A statement indicating the type of negotiated contract the firm and/or consultant would like to enter into (i.e. “Lump Sum”, “By Discipline” or “Other” if other provide description).






Meeting Notice

The Hamilton County Rural Zoning Commission will hold a public/staff review conference at 6:00 p.m. on November 5, 2014 at the Green Township Administration Building, 6303 Harrison Avenue.  A developer has indicated interest in filing an application for a Zone Change from "C" residence to "OO" Planned Office for the construction of a 72 unit assisted living facility for seniors with Alzheimer's disease and similar memory disorders.  The property is located on the south side of Bridgetown Road, east of Lakewood Drive.  The purpose of this meeting is to gather information and facts to assist staff in evaluating how the proposed change will affect the general welfare of the community.  For more information please contact Eric Fazzini, Hamilton County Senior Planner, 946-4484.


Ruwes Oak Update

The application for the Land Use Amendment for property located at 6730  Ruwes Oak Drive has been withdrawn.  The hearing has been cancelled 



Upcoming Board of Zoning Appeal Cases

The Northeast Green Township Board of Zoning Appeals will continue the public hearing on November 13, 2014 in the Trustees Meeting Room of the Green Township Administration Complex, 6303 Harrison Avenue at 4:30 for the purpose of hearing Case NEGTCU2014-02 filed by Romel Saro, SAC Wireless, owners West Fork Christian Church for approval of a Conditional Use to construct a new AT&T Wireless Telecom Facility consisting of a 100 foot tall "Stealth" flag pole type antenna tower and associated equipment shelter on subject property located within a residential district.  The subject property is located  at 5636 West Fork Road in the "A" Single Family Residence District of the Northeast Green Township Zoning District.

The appeal application is on file and is open to the public for inspection at the Zoning Office in the Green Township Administration Complex at 6303 Harrison Avenue during regular business hours Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.



I-275 Texas Turnaround

I-275 Texas Turnaround to be deployed Sept. 5

Hamilton County (Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014)  – The I-275 resurfacing project in Hamilton County will require the closure of two ramps to perform work operations, and the first closure – from westbound I-74 to northbound I-275 – will be implemented Friday, Sept. 5 for 30 days.

Traffic wishing to access these ramps will be rerouted by way of a maintenance of traffic operation known as the Texas Turnaround, which essentially is an extended U-turn for I-74 and I-275.

Westbound I-74 traffic wishing to access northbound I-275 will continue west on I-74, and exit at SR 128 where traffic can access the far left lane to access a dedicated lane that will carry traffic to eastbound I-74 for eventual access to northbound I-275. Traffic accessing the turnaround will not wait on a traffic signal.

Upon completion of this work, the ramp from southbound I-275 to eastbound I-74 will be closed for 30 days with traffic diverted to westbound I-74 to SR 128 to access the turnaround to eastbound I-74.

During these ramp closures, the ramp from SR 128 to westbound I-74 and the park and ride lot on SR 128 will be closed. The turnaround will add approximately five minutes to a commute under normal traffic conditions. 

  Additional information can be found at the following link:



For questions, please contact the ODOT District 8 Public Information Office at 513-933-6511.

Note: Green Township Trustees' meetings will now appear on Time Warner channel 99.2 on digital cable ready televisions.

(This new channel assignment was made by Time Warner Cable, and is beyond the control of Green Township)


Family Winterfest at
Nathanael Greene Lodge on Friday, December 5, 2014
5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.